I'm Marine. 

The founder and creative director of Brand Elevate. 

Branding for a 

better future.

As a mom, I'm deeply concerned about our environment and the future of our children. I believe that brands are here to change the world and make it a better place. Behind brands are people with visions. Visions to inspire, educate, and instill new habits and thriving ways of living. This is the power of your brand.


So, you want an outstanding online presence?

Whether you're:

  • launching a new product 

  • looking to revamp your brand or

  • in need of a compelling website

... there are many ways to achieve it.

This page is a good start.


Wired to support missions like yours.

For almost two decades, I've been working alongside organizations and entrepreneurs across 23+ countries to help them make a positive change in the market. 6,205 days of creative strategy, loads of Photoshop sweat, and copy-addiction later, I remain an eternal student. Grateful and in awe of transformative collaborations



Your brand is more than a logo. It's a manifesto.

Branding goes back to the DNA of your company. It's the values on which your organization stands. It breathes the essence of your mission. It's the bridge between you and your audience, communicated through every article, partnership, email... a bridge to attract raving fans and convert them into customers and change-makers.


years of impact


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How it all started.

  • My dad teaches me everything about grit and hard work since day one. At the age of 8, I don't play with dolls. Instead, I design my own books and sell in a shoebox. 


Emerging designer

  • ​I win the 1st prize for Celine's luxury design contest and develop my bag in their headquarters in Paris before exhibiting it in the Galeries Lafayette store.

  • I'm 20. As a young emerging designer, I get noticed and invited to the French President's, J.Chirac's, Garden Party. Whaaaat?

My drive for sustainability

  • I partner with ERA France building the 1st environmental campaign in real estate with the Minister of ecology & sustainability, J.L. Borloo, and setting a new standard in the field. Successful collaboration leading to further campaigns across ERA Europe.


First book, then mentoring.

  • In 2013, I fly to Hawaii to find the meaning of life. Instead, I survive an NDE and publish my 1st book.

  • In 2014, I move to Bali for 3 years and train in personal growth practices all while running an online coaching business.

  • I'm having a blast mentoring women on all things brand-related & building an authentic online presence.

Big-scale impact

  • I develop megAgence's branding & setup the recruiting platform– the brand is unique and grows to 418 consultants nationwide. The company gets sold for 3.4M€.

  • 2018 – My "Soul Signature Program" sells out twice, helping coaches build meaningful online programs.

  • After traveling the globe extensively, I become a mom at 35, reevaluate my priorities, and reinvent my way of living.

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Supporting the cause

  • I join EQUA as a creative director to reposition the brand + support the sustainable movement in a big way. Our website revamp results in brand elevation + online profit increase.

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2022: Elevating your brand with...



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