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I'm Marine. 

The founder and creative director of Brand Elevate. 

Brands for a 

better future.

As a mom, a world-traveler, and an entrepreneur, this is what I know to be true: brands have a massive role in influencing and guiding our society, and "shaping a better future". People with visions. Missions to inspire, to educate, and to instil new habits for sustainable and thriving ways of living: THIS is the responsibility and the power of your brand.


Every purposeful brand deserves an outstanding online presence.

Whether you're:

  • launching a new product 

  • looking to revamp your brand or

  • wanting to upgrade your website

... there are many ways to achieve it.

This page is a good start.


Your brand is more than a logo. It's a manifesto.

Your brand is the DNA of your company. It showcases the values upon which your organization stands. It's the bridge between you and your audience, communicated through your website, your social media, every article, partnership, email... Your brand is a bridge to attract raving fans, convert them into customers and eventually ambassadors.


Wired to support missions like yours.

For almost two decades, I've been supporting purpose-driven organizations across 23+ countries with branding and marketing. Fast forward to today, my team and  I remain in awe of the transformative collaborations that keep unfolding with our clients 

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years of impact


From traveling the globe (yes, pretty much living abroad half of my life), to coaching, publishing books, and working alongside the most creative, generous, and brilliants minds on Earth, I remain an eternal student. Every new client is a new opportunity to build something special and support humankind in a positive way.

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What clients are saying.

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